Sébastien Armand

Software Engineer


Creative Market (Autodesk) | Platform Engineer | San Francisco, USA
November 2014 - Present

Maintain and grow a digital goods marketplace serving over 3 million users
  • Major features I worked on:
    • Backend APIs supporting a real time sales dashboard for shop owners
    • Shop Updates, enabling shop owners to share news about their new and existing products
    • Loyalty Program
    • Auto-download of purchases to Dropbox
    • Purchase search allowing users to search and filter through their past purchases
    • Updated Product pages to allow for markdown, video and 3D support and letting shop owners decide the display order of their products
    • Open API for partners
  • Main driver for having automated tests on the main application
  • Worked on and resolved our most painful application security issues
  • Always worked closely with the support team, ensuring quick responses and a good experience for our customers
  • Build and maintain the company's largest search index with real time updates
  • Prepared, tested and ran our largest database migrations

  • Skills involved

    PHP, MySQL, SQL Schema and Query optimization, Elasticsearch, Memcached, jQuery, Backbone.js, React.js, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing, Caching strategies, Performance profiling and tuning, DevOps

CRM Factory | Lead Frontend Engineer | Beijing, CHINA
July 2012 - September 2014

  • Develop highly dynamic and customizable JavaScript / HTML5 single page & mobile applications.
    • FairGarage (2014 - ...) Single page app on AngularJS built with full test driven development, automation unit and end to end testing and continuous delivery. The app customizes the fairgarage search and experience to specific car workshops, loading only vehicle and pricing configuration that matches each specific workshop. Integrated on 20 000 workshops by end of 2014.
      AngularJS, TDD, Gulp, Protractor, Bower, Jenkins, GIT, RequireJS
    • MySales / MyService (2013, ...) Build and deliver a suite of two tablet applications (JavaScript & HTML5) supporting the sales and maintenance processes of car manufacturers. The application is built on a fully pluggable and modular architecture on top of AngularJS to allow building different versions for various car OEMs, and overloading any part of each module.
      AngularJS, BackboneJS, Grunt, GIT, Bower, RequireJS
    • Berlin Film Festival (2013) Development of an AngularJS based frontend for their internal system managing the screening of hundreds of movies in dozens of cinemas.
      AngularJS, GIT
    • Rent 2.0 (2013) Single page and responsive JavaScript and HTML5 application for automated car rentals. This BackboneJS app is a single code base running the mobile and desktop websites as well as the iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications for mobiles and tablets.
      BackboneJS, SVN, Jasmine, Phonegap / Cordova, RequireJS
    • Timebooker (2013): internal project for booking and tracking employee time per project.
      BackboneJS, RequireJS, SVN, Grunt
    • Fairgarage (2012): Conceive and build multiple landing pages for A/B testing.
      BackboneJS, SVN, Grunt, RequireJS
    • Transparo (2012): Dynamic JavaScript (Backbone) application for comparing insurance prices. The app can be embedded in any website and can be simply configured to add a new type of insurance and create a separate calculator for it.
      JavaScript, BackboneJS, SVN
  • Personally set up a bi-weekly cycle of internal conference and trainings for the development team that we call the Tech Talks.

Skills involved

Technical leadership, SCRUM / Kanban agile methods, continuous integration and delivery. Karma and Protractor testing frameworks.

mashup sports & social | CTO - Co-founder | Beijing, CHINA
April 2012 - April 2013

Fully create a sports oriented social network that lets users organize and take part in sport and social activities.
  • Concept creation, Design and UI implementation
  • Full implementation of the backend
  • Mashup is already used by many activity organizers and has hundreds of users who played thousands of games.
  • Only me and a designer involved for one year to create the full project
  • Startup Leadership Program fellow

Skills involved

Use of Symfony2 and MongoDB for the backend. Software design and architecture. Continuous integration and testing. Server management. Social and communication skills in meeting with inverstors and partners.

JCDecaux | Product Manager & Lead Developer | Beijing, CHINA
April 2009 - July 2011

Build and deploy a highly flexible IT system for sales management in Asia. Recommendation Letter
  • Adopt standard methods and processes within the Chinese team
  • Ensure the delivered quality at all levels
  • Plan and manage full re-write of the existing system leading a 6 people team over 6 months
  • Train local team on new technologies (Chinese)
  • Ensure maintenance of the existing system in countries where it is already deployed
  • Configure and deploy the new system in other Asian countries within the group

Skills involved

Team management, self organization, challenge people’s needs, IT systems architecture, Symfony PHP framework with MySQL

Ecole Centrale de Lyon | Student | Lyon, FRANCE
September 2004 - November 2008

The Ecole Centrale de Lyon is one of the top 10 engineering schools in France.

Third year specialization in Information Technology as well as Supply Chain Management.

Gap year in 2006 / 2007 split between two internships including my first opportunity to come to China.

Internships and study projects
  • 2008: (6 months), configure and prepare deployment of an ERP system for Dalkia (heating & cooling management company).
  • 2007: (6 months), participate in an initiative to standardize mobile operating systems for Orange. This initiative is now part of LiMo (Linux Mobile Foundation)
  • 2006: (5 months), Implementation and study on CRM (customer relationship management) softwares.
  • 2006: (2 months), network simulation and performance test for a new service discovery protocol for a research team, resulting in the publication of their research paper.
  • 2004: (18 months), study project on creating a portable cancer detection system for general practitioners.
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