Sébastien Armand's Resume
What former colleagues said about me

Hannes Schluchtmann
CRM Factory
Hannes is a former colleague at CRM Factory. We worked closely together on many of the projects I worked on.

I had the honor to work with Sebastien. I say that because I learned a lot from him. He's breathing CS but combines it with a practical real-world approach. He knows backend as well as fointend, He's social, helpful and can explain things. He is fighting for an idea if it's the better one and it's worth it.

I worked with him in Beijign for 4 years and he was a big loss for our company. 4 years later we still haven't found an appropriate replacement. You can be lucky to work with this awesome person.

He also can cook very well. It's a plus. Just saying. Also he plays golf. Pretty good as far as my understanding of golf goes (not so far, but people who play say he does, so I believe them).

Ben Clarkwood
Creative Market
Ben and I worked together at Creative Market where Ben was a services engineer. Although our work did not usually require for us to work together, we've enjoyed working through many issues together.

Seb is an experienced and pragmatics software engineer.

While working with him I was continually impressed by his commitment to writing reliable, tested, and performant software. Many of the tools and features he added to the product were critical to the success of the product and team.

He is an eager collaborator and a pleasure to work with.

Patrick Cardinaël
Patrick was my manager at the highest level while I worked at JCDecaux. He was at the time responsible for IT purchasing and worldwide IT operations for all of the JCDecaux group.

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This letter is my personal recommendation for Mr Sébastien Armand who was employed by JCDecaux and was based in our Beijing subsidiary from June 2010 to June 2011.

His main mission was to industrialize the development of a Sales management application developed in one of the Group's Asian entities.
The objective was to adapt and improve this development to create a product which could be used in other JCDecaux group entities such as Asia and India.

The professional skills, the commitment and the ease with three languages (French, English and Chinese), have allowed Mister Sébastien Armand to complete his mission with success. An industrialized version of the product was produced and deployed in India and Japan before the end of his mission.

Mr Sébastien Armand was a great asset to this company and I highly recommend him for employment. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.